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New graphics


Some think the MG35's original graphics are quite ugly, so the main effort was directed to improving the user interface. The resulting GUI looks a lot better. Unfortunately, this has to be revisited on each firmware release, since Altech adds graphic files to the new firmwares.


Support for other codecs


Since the EM85XX GPU runs microcode, it appears to be a custom DSP with generic IDCT, quantization, zooming, etc. It is quite possible that other MPEG-style codecs could be implemented in microcode.


Support for other containers


MKV support in particular, including:

Samba server


To be able to add/remove files to the HDD via ethernet from Windows Explorer.

Roadblock: Samba is fat and ugly. Samba-TNG was apparently ported to an embedded system. Still need to disable huge parts of it though. Investigation continues in contact with Elrond/LKCL.


Update: OpenEM86XX has Samba in it. Toolchain is the same, so it should port pretty easily. Not sure if server is included.

Update2: Unfortunately, the SMBD compiled for ARM takes up a whopping 4MB of code. Well beyond a reasonable target size for our player.

Update3: The new SMBD binary is down to 1MB. Still forks though.

SSH server


This could be a good replacement for telnet.


Dropbear is reported to be a small implementation of an ssh server and an ssh client that together come in around 100k. It has no external dependencies (I.E. it does not depend on OpenSSL, using a built-in copy of LibTomCrypt instead).


For SFTP, another server would also be required (best known implementation is the OpenSSH sftpserver). The advantage is that we could then use something like Sftpdrive (Windows, shareware), MacFUSE (Mac) or SSHFS (Linux) to transfer files to/from MG35.


sshd is built, and working. scp support has yet to be debugged.


Playing streaming video



Web interface


Moved here.


Port MVP MediaCenter to the MG-35


Ongoing work by Jon Gettler.


Album/DVD cover



Support for connecting an ATAPI DVD drive


Support in firmware for:


Ed: Where to rip dvd's and audio cd's to? The network? Only one ATA/ATAPI device is supported on the IDE "bus". OKFW has CDDA extraction/player already written. Should be simple to port.


Web browser



Delete media files/directories


Application design is now open.

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) support


Update: ether-wake now ported. Shell script to activate from server listing file?


It would be great to be able to remotely start a media server configured for WOL. The list of servers that can be started may be in a text file on the hard drive (it could be the same file used for speeding-up nbtscan).



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