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Flash Upgrader

Flash Upgrader (upgrader) is a tool to upgrade the flash image.

Version: N/A

Status: N/A




When you perform a firmware upgrade, dvdplayer calls on /bin/upgrader to do it. The GUI gets the status from the output of "upgrader" so the user knows what's happening. In the meantime, all the graphics being displayed on the screen are retained in the display buffer, so "upgrader" doesn't have to worry about that part. In fact, if you change "logontsc.jpg" in your new .upgrade file, you can see how this is true.


When the device has finished flashing a new image, it tells you to turn it off. When you hit the power button, it briefly displays the logon image before powering down. If the new firmware image contains a different logon image, this is the one you see flash on the screen just before the device turns off.


The .upgrade file structure is described on its own page.




The command line to upgrader basically passes the entire job over to it.


/bin/upgrader -f file:///cdrom/Shell-144f.upgrade


Sample Output:

protolib.c [27] find_protocol: file protocol found
Check firmware
main.c [203] UpgradeFirmware: UPGI: 4
main.c [242] UpgradeFirmware: ROFS: 10
main.c [138] Checksum: checksum : 9dc0aee0
main.c [254] UpgradeFirmware: len: 3221327
main.c [266] UpgradeFirmware: conf: 20000. 20000
main.c [267] UpgradeFirmware: boot: 0. 20000
main.c [268] UpgradeFirmware: romfs: 40000. 3a0000
main.c [275] UpgradeFirmware: UPGI[O], COND[O], BOOT[X], ROFS[O] CRC[O]

firmware 1.5.1 -> 1.4.4
Erase romfs
main.c [374] WriteImage: Percent: 32216
Write romfs image 3221327 size to 40000









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