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Things to do


Even if you don't program, there are a lot of ways you can help. Here are just some, but other ideas are welcome.



Create a YahooGroups poll for the new GUI design

  • Obtain details of desired custom content creation methods
  • Summarize findings


Edit/maintain some wiki pages

If you want to edit this wiki, join our chat on Yahoo! and inquire for the edit password. But please read first the WikiStyle document first.


Here is a list of pages needed to be (re)written:


  • how to do nightly builds
  • how to create a new skin for mg35


Test new firmware versions

  • Help test new features when them become available
  • File bug reports


Do nightly builds

  • Set up a virtual machine for compiling the mg35tools distribution
  • Run the nightly compile scripts


Create a new skin / contest

  • Work with John on a small app to help with skin creation (point+click)
  • Use the skinning app and an image editor to create a new skin
  • Throw a skinning contest


Create/maintain the website

  • Move news/updates/whoisdoingwhat/package pages to mg35tools.sf.net
  • Add correct license, version, author, homepage, download links, usage instructions, etc. etc. etc. (See the template)


Manage some/all of the package distribution

  • Ensure correct metadata headers in top of makefiles (/trunk /build /make /*.mk)
  • Watch for new releases of upstream OptWare/other packages, inform developers of upcoming release schedule
  • Install the final binary packages and provide feedback re: installation correctness

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