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MG35 it's running a ucLinux port for ARM processors without an MMU (the JASPER architecture platform).



Booting process


A starting point to understand the boot process of Sigma Designs - based players is this document. There is also a Flash presentation of the Linux boot process for embedded devices.


At startup, MG35 will

  • execute the bootloader
  • if no char received at the serial console, bootloader will load the kernel


The kernel will

  • mount the root filesystem (cramfs)
  • run /bin/init, which is actually a renamed version of the sash shell.


Sash will

  • set up a default path
  • run /etc/sashrc.


Sashrc does very little:

  • a few mknods
  • starts dvdplayer in the background.
  • in our custom firmware, this is the place where we start our own startup scripts.


DVDplayer is the GUI and the control program.

  • About the first thing that dvdplayer.bin does is call setup.
  • then it runs continuously in the background, waiting for button presses on the front panel or on the remote. If needed, it will call other programs to play the media files.



Root filesystem








- the fonts used for subtitles, altek20.fnt and altek22.fnt



For those who have no access to a hacked firmware but what to see what's inside, we provide a sample of the contents of the main files.





the mount point for Optware packages


NVRAM configuration settings

See here.




(Ethernet) EEPROM configuration


This can be dumped in bootloader's console using:


net eeprom dump


We presume here are stored the MAC address and maybe the NDAS ID/key (in case this is not computed using the MAC as the input).


Or it could be that the MG-35 doesn't have an EEPROM and everything is in the config area in the flash.




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