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Lua (lua) is a flexible scripting language, with an ultra-small compiler and interpreter.

Version: 5.1.3

Status: Done



lua [ options ] [ script [ args ] ]

    -     load and execute the standard input as a file, that is, not interactively, 
          even when the standard input is a terminal.

    -e stat
          execute  statement  stat.  You need to quote stat if it contains spaces,
          quotes, or other characters special to the shell.

    -i    enter interactive mode after script is executed.

    -l file
          call require(file) before executing script.  Typically used to load 
          libraries (hence the letter l).

    -v    show version information.



  • Need to write fip, khwl modules



Format Location
.bin Source Forge - utilities
.ipk Source Forge - packages
.ipk Pigs In Space - packages


Further Reading



Version 5.1.3 [John, 2008-05-01]

  • Ported up-to-date source
  • Added several libs as builtins:
    • luasql.sqlite
    • luaexpat
    • luasocket


Version 5.0.2 [John, 2008-04]

  • Ported
  • Seems to be fully working.

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