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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

We need to fully audit the MG-35 code looking for any GPL content in files where no corresponding source has been released. This work is the first step in starting legal action against Al Tech for copyright violations. We try to keep track of the software components used, gathering the relevant information as described here. We should also compile a list of distribuitors in different countries, since probably they are also liable.




  • License: GPL
  • Violation: Contains source from drivers/mtd/chips/cfi_probe.c (c)Red Hat. This is known partly from the strings within the code and also by the structure of certain distinctive parts of the code.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: unreleased modifications. Al Tech has released source but symbols such as gpio_enable_irq are missing, showing that now all source covered by the GPL has been released.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: Seems to be unmodified. But a written offer to supply source is required.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: unreleased modifications. Some source has been released but (for instance) this doesn't write smb.conf, which the released binary certainly does.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: no source provided. Contains code from libdvdread (more?) and libdecss, which are both GPL works. More evidence required and details of any other infringing code. Also it seems to "borrow" code from the VideoLan project, and MPlayer.
  • Violation: no changes provided. Contains changes to stock code from libexif, libpng.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: none (Unchanged?)



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: none (Unchanged?)



  • License: ?



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: unreleased modifications. The standard nbtscan does not directly write to /hosts/hosts or populate /net.



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: unreleased modifications. The standard smbmount does not populate /net.



  • License: GPL?
  • Violation: unreleased sources. Contains code from cfi_probe.c?



  • License: GPL
  • Violation: No source code provided for config MAC loading, gpio_* calls, modified dmfe_probe, and dmfe_packet_receive.

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