File Browser


File Browser (filebrowse) is a directory browsing tool for the TV.


Status: 70% Done

Location: browser





filebrowse allows fip (ir remote, front panel) navigation of media directories.






  filebrowse [browsestartdir]


          The full directory path in which to start browsing for media files.


Example: To browse the contents of the third partition



filebrowse /cdrom/Partition3


Example: To browse the contents your SERVER/public network share



filebrowse /net/SERVER/public





Working Version [John, 2008-03]



VB: The current hdd/network distinction in dvdplayer doesn't make too much sense. Better create a tmp "browsing root" and mount there the /cdrom and the predefined shares we talked about in mg35.ini. Then start browsing from there. It it's also possible to unionfs all these filesystems to a common point, if the user has a similar structure (e.g. /movies, /music, /pictures) on multiple shares.


John: (Pretend we're talking about dvdplayer for a second.) Any change in the network after bootup would require reboot. This includes: starting servers, plugging in the network cable, restarting your hub/switch/router/whatever, etc. A possible solution would be scripts via the interface (possibly a mount under /media as well) for all the common stupid things like network reset, hdd rescan, etc.

VB: /media/tools for scripts? network_scan, network_reset, disk_scan, unload_fake (leaving dvdplayer)

John: They really don't have to have hideous names.


John: If we really do mean filebrowse, then /media sounds right to me. :D /cdrom should be under /media anyway. Also, the root browse location of filebrowse (if desired) is decided in the menu app when it calls filebrowse (as above) -- implying that the user can select "Movies" or "All" or "Browse" or whatever and start in a different browse root.

VB: /media is OK